Creating Your Page List

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Below is list of the most common pages found on a website. Scan through the list and pick out the ones that make sense for your website. After you have identified those pages, begin to collect the information those pages should contain. 

  • Menu/Price list - displays a list of services or food items with their associated price
  • Contact Me - how do you want to be contacted
  • About Me - a place to learn more about you and the people that work for you
  • Resource - useful content you have created or links to other websites you find worthwhile
  • Forms - a list of forms you will be asking your clients to fill out
  • FAQ - a list commonly asked questions and answers
  • BLOG - a place for you to share your latest insights or news
  • Portfolio - do you want to share examples of your work
  • Press - do you have some public write-ups that you want to let others know about
  • Testimonials /Reviews - a chance to make your positive feedback visible
  • Scheduling - do you want to allow on-line scheduling
  • Fees / Policies - a description of the cost of your services, your cancelation policy and what forms of payment you accept
  • Meet the staff - a chance to introduce your staff
  • Service / Product - usually multiple pages that present in detail the specific products and/or services are you offering

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What do you want your site visitors to feel and understand about your business at a first glance and where page do you want them to visit next after this page.

Your homepage communicates a first impression. What do you want your homepage to communicate to your visitors?

Successful homepages are clear and concise. In a few seconds they communicate 

  • what your business does
  • defines your ideal client
  • highlights what's unique about your business

Typically homepages contain a:

  • captivating image that is meaningful to you and communicates something essential about your business
  • headline
  • sub-headline
  • short paragraph or two that summarizes what your business
  • button that directs the visitor to the next page you want them to visit on your website