How to Build a Website


STEP 1: Schedule a 15 minute chat

See if we click. 

Ask me questions.

I will ask you a few questions. 

No Fee.


STEP 2: Fetch a Free Zoom Account

Unless you live close to me, most of our meetings will take place online via Zoom. With zoom we are able to collaborate together anywhere you have access to the internet. Zoom will allow us see each others faces when we talk and share our computer screens with each other.

A Zoom account is a free and easy to use. 


STEP 3: Create Your Page List

You know you need a website. Time to start creating content. Stat by jotting down a list of all the pages you think you want on your website.

Every client I've worked with is surprised how difficult this is. Don't fret if you get stuck. There's plenty of time to work on this together. 

I wrote up some tips to help you get started.


STEP 4: Establish a Free Adobe Stock Image Account

Time to start searching for your homepage image. This image communicates your first impression and sets the visual tone for the rest of your website. You will recognize the image when you discover it. Before you spot it you will flounder.

If you have trouble figuring any of this out, no big deal. We're going to work on this together, I'm just suggesting you get started.

Try browsing Adobe Stock images. I have a paid account with them. I qualify for 10 images a month. Chances are I will be able to allocate those images to your site.

You can flag Adobe Stock images in two ways. You can either jot the image file number OR you can create a free adobe account and save images into your personal library. I will show you how to do all of this. If you can figure it out on your own that fabulous.


Step 5: Schedule our First Build/Design Session

Here's what I want to accomplish the first time we meet:

  • Create you a GoDaddy Account
  • Create a WireFrame
  • Review how to search through Adobe Stock Images
  • We will end with me asking you to focus on what image, headline and sub-headline you want see on your homepage.

For me, the most important outcome of our first meeting is that we've had an opportunity to work together. Do our styles a match?

You had a chance to get a hands on look at the GoDaddy build tool. Do you think the tool is something you want to use?

This meeting will last 60 - 90 minutes. I will charge you my pro-rated hourly rate.


Step 7: Schedule More Build/Design Sessions

Design/Build of a website is an iterative process. Each time we meet we will add more content to your website. When we add new content we will be constantly updating the older content to re-align it with our new influences. I will be leading and/or pushing you along in this process.

In each meeting we will:

  • Flesh out the content of the last page I asked you to focus on
  • Define your next homework assignment before our meeting ends
  • Define my homework assignment before our meeting ends

Between our work sessions I will usually jump in adjust the content and format of your website to get us prepped for our next build/design session. 

Our meetings will normally last 60 - 90 minutes. I will charge you my pro-rated hourly rate.


STEP 7: Publish & SEO

If you already have another website we will work out how to transfer ownership of your domain to GoDaddy.

We will setup all of your billing details on GoDaddy.

We will publish your site. At that time we will immediately run through GoDaddy's very awesome search engine optimization tools. 

When we do this we will have to adjust the content of your website slightly.  Having specific words on your website increases your find-ability. GoDaddy has a tool to help us get those words into your website content.


STEP 8: Final Training Session

By this point in the process you will likely be comfortable editing your site. If not, we will have a final training session.

This meeting normally lasts 30 minutes. I will charge you my pro-rated hourly rate.